The Dove

The Dove is a being of pure light. Her incomprehensibly powerful parents sent her away while she was still in her infancy, requiring her to find her own path in a strange dimension of matter, time, and energy. Though she was too young to remember her early existence, she retains a sense of what it was like to once be unencumbered by the forces of this world. She does not know how to reach her parents now; but, she hears their voices calling, from across the dimensions, in the resonant vibrations of the particles and waves that create our reality.

The Dove has the power of flight, a singularly discerning eye, an unparalleled sense of hearing, and a voice that resonates across the entire spectrum of human perception. She fights on behalf of all humankind, using her powers against every form of evil, wherever she finds it. When not battling evil, she takes on human dimensions and journeys our world as an ordinary human wife, mother, friend, university professor, and on occasion, blogger.